Inaugural sustainability report from White Cap

This report, entitled "Building Trust through our Commitments," outlines White Cap's priorities, milestones and initiatives included in its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program. The program encapsulates the company’s intentions for honouring its commitments to the following:

  • Responsible Construction
  • Operational Integrity
  • Our People and Our Communities
  • Governance and Security

CEO John Stegeman noted that: "As White Cap's business grows, so does our impact on the world around us and it is critical that we make conscious decisions built on the foundation of our values and commitments to act as a responsible company. This sustainability report is another way we are Building Trust on Every Job."

The White Cap sustainability report provides an overview of the work and decisions made to date in reducing its environmental risks, creating a socially conscious workplace, and operating with transparency, equality and respect.

To read the sustainability report and to learn more about White Cap's ESG Program, visit