fischer joins buildingSMART Germany

By joining the buildingSMART industry network, the fixing expert fischer is expanding its network and actively contributing to the digitalisation of the construction and property sector. The company’s aim is to improve collaboration across trades involved in the planning, construction and operation of a building.

“Our company continues to successfully expand its network to play an even more active role in driving forward the digital transformation of the construction industry,” says Dr Oliver Geibig, Managing Director Business Units and Engineering at fischer. “As an interdisciplinary skill network built on partnerships, buildingSMART offers us a great information and communication platform to further implement digital solutions along the entire building supply chain while improving collaboration across trades involved in the integrated planning, construction and operation of a building. This ultimately ensures the construction projects’ success by which we are all measured and from which we all benefit.”

“We are pleased to contribute our ideas, innovations and solutions to the buildingSMART skill network and to hear new ideas from other members to drive forward the digitalisation of the construction industry together,” says Dr Matthias Bruhnke, Head of the fischer Construction Engineering GmbH engineering office. “The industry association has important aims, as buildingSMART is establishing its own manufacturer independent and open standards for national and international standardisation. This is essential to the integrated digital planning, construction and operation of buildings.”

Gunther Wölfle, Managing Director of buildingSMART Germany, adds: “We’re delighted to have a partner of a major system provider on board and to be able to welcome fischer Construction Engineering GmbH as a new member. It is the expertise and know-how of our members that drive the digital transformation forward in our expert and regional groups through open and manufacturer-independent standards in the entire construction supply chain.”

As a fixing expert, fischer already offers a 360-degree service that optimises all stages of a building’s supply chain, from its planning, construction and operation. Solutions include innovations in the field of BIM, automated construction and connected fastening products in the Internet of Things. Digital offers include useful apps and software tools to design, select and use the products. There is also an innovative digital scanning tool to optimise construction on existing buildings.

At its in-house fischer Construction Engineering GmbH engineering office, the fischer Group of Companies pools key skills to successfully support its customers at every stage of their building projects around the globe. “We increase efficiency, safety and precision on the construction site through various services such as planning, design, surveys, BIM modelling, CAD and fire protection services,” Dr Oliver Geibig adds.

A set working structure has been established in the buildingSMART Germany association that allows members to actively shape various topics with different characteristics. Topics include infrastructure, structural engineering, construction, operation, product data, exchanging BIM information and data, BIM qualifications, framework and interdisciplinary subject areas, each of which is organised into individual specialist and project groups. The buildingSMART regional groups bring together BIM users and developers, suppliers and customers, as well as many stakeholders who share an interest in communication and regional networking to develop the digitalisation of the construction and property sectors. There are also round table discussions, user days, theme days and much more.

buildingSMART has already successfully developed the IFC data standard used by many BIM software products around the world. Other global standards have also been established by buildingSMART and continue to be developed.