Fastener Taiwan 2024: Charting a Sustainable and High-Value Pathway

Fastener Taiwan is set to be held from June 5-7, 2024. This flagship event in the screw fastener industry will bring together the groundbreaking innovations of over 300 manufacturers, its scale marking a remarkable 20% growth compared to the previous year.

Nestled within Southern Taiwan's industrial nucleus, this event stands as a pivotal junction for the fastener supply chain, fostering collaboration and bolstering operational efficiencies. This strategic positioning not only streamlines procurement processes but also significantly reduces both time and costs associated with sourcing fastening solutions.

Exhibitors at this fastener exhibition represent industry giants, exemplified by major screw suppliers like Zyh Yin Enterprise Co., Ltd, which serves as a primary supplier for brands such as IKEA, and Boltun, recognised as one of the top ten global automotive fastener manufacturers. Other notable participants include Chun Yu, renowned for producing screws for Taipei 101, and Lu Chu Shin Yee, specialising in manufacturing fasteners for semiconductor equipment.

Navigating the Green Sustainability Transition

However, the industry faces the daunting challenge of transitioning towards green sustainability. With 248 high carbon-emitting products listed in the European Union's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), the steel fastener sector is particularly affected.

To align with global sustainability trends, Fastener Taiwan epitomises the values of environmental and business sustainability in the industry. The introduction of the "ESG Pioneer" badge highlights exhibitors certified by international ESG standards, enhancing the visibility of ESG-compliant companies.

Driving Innovation and Environmental Responsibility

The exhibition introduces two major pavilions for the first time: the "High Value Fastener Gallery," showcasing the versatility of high-value fasteners across various industrial applications, and the "Sustainability Zone," spotlighting energy-saving and carbon-reducing applications along with waste recycling initiatives. These efforts drive the advancement of a circular economy, aiding businesses in adopting green solutions for their production lines. In addition, the exhibition will host the Global Fastener Forum, focusing on discussing the impact of CBAM on the fastener trade.