Evolution introduces first steel cutting mitering chop saw

Conventional miter saws are used to create precise angle cuts. However, the existing miter saws in the marketplace are predominantly designed to cut wood. Evolution Power Tools wanted to create a versatile saw that is optimised to cut heavy duty metals, specifically steel. The result: The industry's first 14" Mitering Chop Saw (S355MCS). Designed to tackle heavy cuts into oversized metal pieces, the S355MCS features a precision adjustable miter table, 3-position saw head, and an innovative, height-adjustable front clamp rail assembly. These features give users the ability to make accurate miter cuts on either side of their work – all without having to reposition the workpiece.

Rod Dorman, CEO and President of Evolution Power Tools, said: "For years, steel fabricators and metal workers have struggled to produce accurate miter cuts quickly, precisely, and safely. We created a revolutionary product designed not only to fill gaps in the marketplace, but to solve real problems in metal workshops across the globe."

The S355MCS has been outfitted with reliable safety features, including quick-release top clamps and quick-release acme thread front clamps (both come with v-block adapters). In addition to being able to adjust the clamping position, materials remain in place even if they are close to the blade, making it easy to cut smaller lengths.

The S355MCS can be purchased now.