ETA Approval for FORCE ONE

CELO is delighted to announce the official approval of its FORCE ONE Direct Impact Fixing System by the European Technical Assessment (ETA) board. This milestone represents a significant achievement in ensuring the safety, reliability, and quality of its direct impact fixing products.

The ETA approval highlights the high standard of performance and security embedded within the FORCE ONE gas nailing system. By utilising CELO’s extensive system, which includes nailing accessories, XHA nails, and the FORCE ONE gas nailer, construction professionals can trust in the integrity of their installations, streamline their workflow, and save time and money compared to traditional installation methods.

Benefits of the ETA approval:

  • Compliance with State-of-the-Art Technical Standards: The ETA assessment confirms the technical applicability and suitability of the FORCE ONE system for various applications.
  • Enhanced Reliability: CELO’s XHA nails, designed to integrate with the FORCE ONE gas nailer, offer strength, durability, and precision. They have been thoroughly tested and approved to ensure consistent and reliable performance across diverse projects.
  • Quality Standards: The ETA approval guarantees that the direct impact fixing system meets strict regulations.

The FORCE ONE nailer has been designed to be the best-in-class gas nailer for electrical installations. Its system is suitable for different applications, such as cables, pipes, and tubes, as well as different base materials ranging from hard materials like concrete, to soft materials like wood. In addition to the ETA approval, CELO wide range of nailing accessories made of A1 steel hold a fire approval rating, further emphasising the safety and reliability of the products.