Diablo Tools Redefines Masonry Cutting

Diablo Tools has introduced a line of diamond segmented turbo masonry cut-off blades that provide extreme durability, longer life and faster cuts in concrete and brick. Designed to fit standard arbor sizes and X-Lock interface, these diamond blades deliver up to 30% faster cuts and up to 4x longer cutting life versus standard diamond cut-off blades.

Current diamond segmented and diamond turbo blades on the market are designed to offer either a quick cut or a clean cut. Having to choose between these two blades results in additional time and labour on the jobsite. Diablo's diamond segmented turbo blades feature an innovative 2-in-1 design that delivers the best of both worlds with fast and clean cuts in all masonry materials.

Diablo's diamond segmented turbo blades provide up to 4X longer life than traditional blades and deliver maximum performance and high-speed cutting. The number of diamonds, and the quality of those diamonds within a segment determine the quality of a blade. With that in mind, Diablo's segmented blades feature the ideal number of superior diamonds, resulting in a powerful, long-lasting blade.

Diablo's diamond segmented turbo blades are designed with minimal gullet space between their proprietary segments to provide the perfect balance between speed and cleanliness of cut. The SPEED-Edge slot design aids in debris removal and reduces vibration and side friction, ultimately providing high cutting speeds that deliver up to 30% faster cuts than standard diamond blades. With a hardened blade body design, the blades provide the perfect ratio of debris removal and superior quality cuts while delivering longer life than standard blades. The unique castellations on the blade help remove debris and keep the blade cool when cutting. The blades feature 60% taller segments containing superior quality diamonds, along with an ultra-durable bond to the blade body for extended blade cutting life.

"Diablo is thrilled to be entering the diamond blade for masonry category," said Russell Kohl, President & CEO of Diablo/Freud Tools. "At Diablo, we believe in creating the best cutting solution in the world and our diamond segmented turbo masonry cut-off blades are the best in the industry. In fact, this innovative range redefines the diamond for masonry category by creating efficient, powerful, high-performance solutions not available today. With the ability to have a fast, clean cut with advanced durability, these blades are dominating over traditional blades. Professional users no longer must settle and decide which is most important, Diablo's diamond segmented turbo blades are the only solution for speed and performance."