Dewalt launch bio-degradable chainsaw oil

DEWALT has announced a new biodegradable chainsaw oil (DXCC1201) that is produced in the USA and is a USDA Certified Biobased Product. The new high-performance, bio-based formula is made from North American-grown plant oils contributing to lower pollution output than conventional petroleum products.

"About 20 million gallons of bar and chain oil are discharged into the environment every year," said Dan Fitzgerald, Director of Product Sustainability, Stanley Black & Decker. "The use of chainsaw oil is known as a 100 percent loss application since there is no way to capture and recycle the oil that is released into the environment. Creating a formula from renewable, sustainable plant oil that is biodegradable is an environmentally responsible solution that DEWALT is proud to offer its customers."

Containing no petroleum-based oils or metal-based additives, the chainsaw oil is suitable for use around waterways and other environmentally sensitive areas.

The commercial quality lubricant boasts a flash point above 500°F and a -15°F pour point for temperature stability in extreme conditions. In addition to optimal lubricity and wear protection, the oil is high tack to reduce high speed oil sling and is compatible with gas and battery-operated chainsaws.

The biodegradable chainsaw oil is available now.