Bron Tapes acquires GaffTech, Inc

Bron Tapes, LLC, has acquired GaffTech, Inc, a floor tape and tape applicator company based in Seattle, Washington.

GaffTech was founded in 2014 by former gaffers who were looking for a solution to improve efficiency and the physical demands of hand-taping. In that pursuit, they developed the GaffGun™ Tape Applicator and a line of GaffGun™ Tapes.

"GaffGun™ has helped thousands of people from AV companies, professional sports teams, schools, governments, the military, hotels, convention centres, warehouses, and manufacturers with a better way to tape," former GaffTech Managing Partner Josh Lyons said.

The GaffGun™ will complement Bron Tapes' portfolio of products and provide additional solutions to customers. "The GaffGun™ is a natural fit for our business," Bron Tapes CEO Mike Shand said. "We are excited to further develop and promote the GaffGun™ with the help of our technical sales team."

The purchase of GaffTech marks the first Bron Tapes acquisition since partnering with Rotunda Capital Partners in January 2023.

Bron Tapes is seeking to acquire other distributors and converters of tapes, adhesives, fabrics, and gaskets and is interested in acquisition opportunities presented by business owners, management, or M&A intermediaries. Please contact Mike Shand for more information.