BHETA Environmental, Social and Governance Webinar

The latest in BHETA’s webinars will focus on Environmental, Social and Governance. It takes place on November 30 at 2pm, featuring Miles Barnes, a director at commercial law firm and BHETA business service provider, Howes Percival.

This session is intended as an introduction and overview of how ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues will be relevant to suppliers and how to ensure a business is compliant.  The agenda will cover:

  • What are ESG issues and why do they matter?
  • What are the key ESG risks for members to manage?
  • What steps can members take from a legal perspective to address both current and future ESG issues in their business?
  • Recent cases on ESG issues 

Miles Barnes is part of the commercial team at Howes Percival, and advises on creating, negotiating, and managing commercial trading arrangements, including supply, manufacturing, agency, marketing, distribution, and e-commerce agreements, including ESG compliance.

The event is for BHETA members. Delegates can register on the BHETA website.