Ajustco launches new metal pan deck anchor thread

Ajustco is expanding the Anchor Thread line of products with a new recessed metal pan deck Anchor Thread (RMPD), which will be attached to the metal pan decking, or Q-Deck. It serves the same function as the original Anchor Thread cast in place concrete anchoring system but is designed specifically to attach to the metal pan deck, rather than conventional formwork. 

"We are thrilled to announce the launch of this new product," said Ajustco CEO Jason Stile. "We plan on continuing to add innovative products to the Anchor Thread product line as the needs arise and our brilliant designers create them."

"As co-inventors of the Anchor Thread system, my father and I are very proud of how far it has advanced over the past few years," said Joseph Fugallo IV, Ajustco's Director of Design. "We attribute this growth to our team's intense effort to raise awareness of this revolutionary anchoring system and further develop the Anchor Thread product line."

"Our Passion and mission is to deliver simple innovations that make a significant impact to the builders hardware and construction industries!" said Jamie Walsh, COO of Ajustco.

For decades, drilling holes in concrete for wedge anchors has been the go-to method of anchoring into a superstructure. This method generates hazardous silica dust, weakens the superstructure, is dangerous for workers required to be on a ladder or leading edge, and is very time-consuming. The Anchor Thread System is a revolutionary way to embed anchors as the structure is erected. Workers attach Anchor Threads to the form work pre-pour, and they become permanent attachment points in the superstructure. Anchor Threads can be used to attach leading edge protection; personal fall protection equipment; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing piping and equipment; tie downs for spider cranes; window washing equipment; and elevator shaft netting. 

The Anchor Thread System can save millions in insurance and labour costs by greatly reducing both hazards to construction workers and their time installing anchors. Equally as important, Anchor Threads far exceed all code requirements.