ADEO CEO hands over the reins

Due to a medical reason, Philippe Zimmermann will hand over the reins to Thomas Bouret as ADEO Chief Executive Officer. ADEO is a leader in Europe and the third largest player worldwide in the home improvement and DIY market with a turnover of €37.8 billion in 2022.

With the support of shareholder AFM, Thomas Bouret will succeed Philippe Zimmermann as CEO of the ADEO Group from 1 January 2024. Philippe Zimmermann will take over as Chairman of all the companies in France (Leroy Merlin, Weldom, Saint Maclou, Kbane, Quotatis, Bricoman).

“For 7 years, Philippe has been developing the company around an engaging, inspiring purpose for the home, with decisive impetus on our positive impacts. He has developed the framework for a powerful ecosystem, and he has enabled an essential technological and digital shift for ADEO. These are major transformations of which we are all very proud. Beyond the great economic performance during this period, it is above all the inspiration of our project, the development of our human resources, that mark Philippe’s action. On a more personal front, we had a great time working together, each in our own role, in close collaboration. I know that this was a very important period in our respective careers; we both developed through contact with each other. I’d like to express my profound gratitude to Philippe for his commitment to all the ADEO teams. Thomas has my full confidence in his ability to pursue the ADEO project in service to inhabitants. He embodies the project, he loves the company, he is an entrepreneur of movement, of conquest, and above all, he is a great captain for the teams and for the stakeholders,” said Pierre-Alain Vielvoye ADEO Chairman of the Board of Directors.