Conference to tackle how supply chain can drive industrial digitalisation

Driving industrial digitalisation from within UK supply chains  is one of the topics at a two-day conference at the MTC's Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre this November.

The conference - Digitalising Manufacturing 2019: Makings Digital a Reality - will also tackle the role of people at the centre of the digital industrial revolution and will centre on how UK manufacturers can embrace the latest digital technologies to improve their businesses.

For the conference, which runs 4-5 November at the Centre, MTC has partnered with Made Smarter - an industry-led programme which is aimed at boosting the UK economy using the likes of artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, 3D printing and augmented and virtual reality. End users are the main focus.

Day one will cover international collaboration opportunities, national policy and practical knowledge and experience to drive industrial digitalisation from within UK supply chains. Day two will concentrate on the practical steps to put plans into action.

The MTC’s head of technology strategy for digital manufacturing Dr Lina Huertas said: “This is the fifth digital manufacturing conference at the MTC and is now firmly established as the major event in the manufacturing calendar. It is the 'must attend' conference for anyone in manufacturing wanting to be part of developing our national strategy in the industry and exchanging best practices and lessons learnt with the community."

“This event is aimed specifically at end-users and those who will be most affected by the digital industrial revolution. Drawing on the experiences of those who have already begun the process of implementation, the conference will give a clear overview of the progress of digital manufacturing from a manufacturer’s point of view and the way forward.”