Bond It capitalises on hybrid tech for new PVA Adhesive

Bond It, UK-based manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, waterproofing products and other building chemicals, has made another new addition to its range.

Capitalising on the latest hybrid technology, the business has just introduced a new D4 classified PVA Adhesive. A premium grade, solvent-free formulation, this product offers waterproofing properties, even under constant water immersion, the firm said. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, it has a high bond strength, improved heat resistance and boasts a 10 minute open time. Tested to D4 standards, this carries certification to EN204.

Ready to use, this hybrid PVA is suitable for most timber construction applications, furniture production, kitchen fit outs, parquet flooring, window frames, window scantling, door manufacture and solid wood bonding. It's available in four sizes, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml under the Glue Monster banner and as a 1L under Bond Its adhesive range.

Earlier this summer, Bond It launched a bigger cartridge version of WP100, aimed at sealant applicators. The firm also added DIY Superglue products to its Glue Monster line-up.